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What started as a dare 25 years ago has turned into a passion of building the finest billiards table available.  That’s right a dare! I was already building custom furniture at the time when a gentleman approached me about building custom billiard tables for his store. I politely turned down the offer. However the man was quite persistent. One day the gentleman pulled out his check book and said “I bet you can’t build one”. Not one to back down from a challenge I proceeded to start doing some research. Now keep in mind when this all started the internet was nothing. So I booked a flight to Minnesota for a Billiard Congress of America show and that’s where I caught the bug.

After returning to Colorado I began the process of actually building a billiards table. The first table took quite a few cups of coffee and some head scratching to figure it all out. It wasn’t till about the third table that I really had it all dialed in. As I perfected my technique of building I started to think of ways to really set my tables apart from the rest.

The Custom Side

I didn’t just want to build billiard tables. I wanted to build custom billiard tables with custom optionsSolid Copper Aiming Dots and Pocket Surrounds I really wanted the client to have a say in what they wanted. A large number of the billiard tables available today are built in the high production atmosphere. About the only say you have is what color of stain you want. We do not have a standard production line! You get to design your billiard table from start to finish.

My favorite items to customize are the aiming dots and pocket surrounds. Many of our clients own a ranch or some type of business. Most have some sort of ranch or business logo. That’s where the fun begins. Utilizing those logos or initial we water-jet them into the aiming dots and or pocket surrounds. Then the material that was removed is then filled in with some type of stone or metal. The most common stone we use is Turquoise. The bright blue of Turquoise makes for a wonderful contrast with the metal. Copper and Brass are other common mediums for inlay work.

The Rustic Billiard Tables

As you look around our website you can see there have been several styles that have been popular throughout the years.Billiards table Probably the most popular has been the Hand-hewn timber tables. Built with timbers from old barns our clients really appreciate the historical value in these tables. Most of the beams I have acquired came from really old tobacco barns in the Eastern United States. I always try to get the history behind each of these beams and share that with the client.

Most people believe this style of table only belongs in a rustic style of home. However, I have built and installed these tables in the most modern style of homes.  The clients of these modern homes tell us that although it may be a little unconventional, it is their way of preserving a little piece history in today’s modern society.

The Live Edge Billiards Table

Billiard tablesDue to the ever growing popularity of live edge furniture we thought a billiards table build from live edge slabs would be pretty cool. Starting off with a full slab we cut off one edge of it. This leaves us with one natural edge and one cut edge. Placing the cut edge at the top of the frame you are left with a beautiful live edge running around the entire table. We have also designed a new base for these tables to include the live edge design.  To date we have only built this style of table with Black Walnut and Big Leaf Maple. Since the client is in charge of the design, these have been the only woods chosen so far.

We have a vast network of wood suppliers that carry woods from all over the world. So if you have a particular species of wood you love, chance are we could build you a custom billiards table out it. As long as we can get it in slabs. Our billiard tables are all built from solid wood, no plywood or veneers are EVER used in the construction of our tables.

In Conclusion

We have to date built 222 custom billiard tables. They have been delivered to 43 states and 4 countries and all but 10 have been delivered by us. Since we are a custom shop we are always open to building new designs. In fact we are currently designing an industrial inspired billiards table. This style of table will blend the timeless beauty of wood with strength of the industrial revolution. The blending of wood and steel has really gained popularity lately.  We currently do not have a customer for this build, so if this style sounds appealing give us a call and we can share our design thoughts with you. We look forward to designing and building you a custom billiards table.

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