Juniper Log King Bed

Custom Furniture

RFCB throughout the years has built a wide range of custom furniture. While the billiard tables have been a large portion of the business a client is often in need of other furniture. In many cases a client contacts us for a billiard table and also purchase many other pieces for their home.

In one case a client wanted a custom bed. They had seen one of our Juniper log beds and fell in love with it. We invited them to the shop to show them around. Impressed by the large selection of wood on hand, they added a few more pieces. By the time we were done with all they wanted, we had built them over 20 pieces of custom furniture. The fun part about it was they had an eclectic taste. Upon completion of the projects we had used 10 different species of wood.

In conclusion, from rustic to contemporary and everything in between.  If you are in need of some custom furniture we would love to hear from you.