Benches Custom Built

  • Texas Mesquite Bench
  • Custom Bench
  • Spalted Myrtle Wood Bench
  • Custom Bench
  • Myrtle Wood Bench
  • Big Leaf Maple Bench
  • Cherry Wood Bench
  • Rosewood Bench
  • Juniper Wood Bench
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About This Project

The Benches

Throughout the years we have built a countless number of benches. From a beautiful bench to enjoy the outdoors to a bench at the foot of your bed. Outdoor benches are the most common we build. Each bench is finished with a UV blocking outdoor oil. This type of oil will provide you with years of enjoyment before you will need to apply another coat. Unfortunately no finish is impervious to the suns harmful rays. However an oil with UV blockers will last 3-5 years, depending on exposure, before maintenance is required. A bench for the indoors is usually finished with danish or tung oil. We also build custom beds to put behind a beautiful bench.