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About This Project

The Bristlecone Pool Table

This is the only Bristlecone pool table that we have ever built. Finding logs big enough to build a pool table with is beyond a challenge. Bristlecone Pine is a tree that grows at high altitudes, usually above 10,000 feet. These trees may be some of the oldest trees on earth, some exceeding 4000 years old, and greatly affected by the harsh climate they grow in. Extreme winds at that altitude have a way of making these trees grow in weird ways. However, from time to time we get lucky and find few logs that will work for a table.

Bristlecone Pine logs were used for the main frame and Lodgepole Burl logs for the base. The top rail consist of Ambrosia Maple and horseshoe pocket surrounds with buffalo nickels aiming dots.


Playing surface: 3 pieces of 1″ thick Italian slate backed with 3/4″ MDF

Top rails: Solid hardwood of your choice with K-66 cushions

Pockets: The pockets we use are actually called buckets and come from Hood Leather.

Table Cloth: The most common cloth we use is Championship Cloth and comes in a wide range of colors.  Another brand we have used is Simonis Cloth. Simonis cloth is often the cloth used in tournaments.

If this design does not fit into your homes decor, perhaps a more contemporary design might. If you have a design in mind for a custom pool table and would like to explore your options, we would love to here from you.

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