Juniper Log Bed Custom Built - Roaring Fork Custom Billiards
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Juniper Log Bed Custom Built

  • Log Bed
  • Log Bed
  • Log Bed
  • Log Bed
Beds, Furniture, Log Beds
About This Project

Juniper Log Bed

Juniper is a wood that we prefer to use in a log bed because of the wild shapes.  I can not think of a wood that’s more unique that Juniper. Due to the unusual shapes of Juniper it can be rather time consuming to work with.

All of the joinery on our Juniper beds I borrow from my log home building days. The method we use is full scribe joinery. This type of joinery consists of shaping one log to fit into another. As a result the man hours can really add up. However the time is worth it. The final product is a cleaner and much stronger bed than the cheaper stick in a hole construction.

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