Wood Slabs

Through the years we have acquired a large collection of wood slabs. We currently have approximately 600+ good sized slabs for all types of projects. From a coffee table to a dinning table we have slabs for them all.

We have several local sources for urban salvaged logs and these trees are removed for a variety of reasons. Some are removed because of disease and some are removed due to urban sprawl. Our mission is to make sure these trees are salvaged to be turned into beautiful furniture.

Our Process

Once we acquire the logs we put them on our sawmill to turn them into slabs. Most of the slabs are cut 2″-3″ thick. After the milling is complete the slabs are stacked in the order they were cut. Wood stickers are place 12″-16″ apart on each slab to allow air to pass between them. This process is called air drying. We then band the whole log to help limit warping and twisting of the slabs. Another key step in producing quality material is sealing the ends of each slab. This forces the water in the wood to evaporate through the surface rather than the ends. As a result far less end checking happens.

Finally with all that work complete the waiting game begins. As a general rule of thumb when air drying wood slabs, for every 1″ of thickness you need 1 year of dry time. However depending on your climate those results will vary. Where we live here in Western Colorado we regularly see humidity levels below 10%. These levels allow the wood to dry much faster than lets say the Oregon coast.

Slabs for sale

While our primary business is the building of custom furniture we do sell a few slabs to fellow woodworkers.  We have been working on building up our stock on hand to also move into selling wood slabs as a secondary business. So if you are a woodworker or a DIY homeowner and are looking for a slab, give us a call.

Wood species

We have a large selection of North American hardwoods. If you are looking for a particular species not listed, chances are we can still help you. We have a vast network of suppliers that we regularly buy from. Here is a list of species we currently have. Black Walnut, English Walnut, Claro Walnut, Ash, Elm, Port Orford Cedar, Old Growth Redwood, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Cottonwood, Box Elder, Osage Orange, Myrtle Wood, Honey Locust, and Aspen.